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RepExpert * The Best Automatic Printing Utility for Oracle Report

Have trouble printing or displaying oracle reports?

Please take a few minutes to get to know the professional Oracle Report printing tool RepExpert.

What is RepExpert

RepExpert is a printing software for oracle report in htmlcss or html format.

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Key Features

Integrate into your application, easy to call RepExpert.

You can call RepExpert to display and print oracle report from oracle forms/jsp/asp easily!

If you use web.show_document method to open a report output, and the URL includes all pre-defined keywords, Repexpert will be launched automatically, it will download and open the html file instead of IE!

For more information, see

User's guide: Help: How to call Repexpert from web-based oracle forms?
Online Demo: How to setup keywords of URL

Repexpert can print report directly without delay, just like ORARRP tool.
How to output report to printer directly without displaying(automatic printing)?

Print report with your pre-defined printing settings.

You can setup the printer, paper size orientation, margins etc in design period.
How to assign default printer name and paper size by RDF setting?

Repexpert can remember your appreciated printer and paper size for every report .
The users do not need to choose printer and paper size time and time again.

If you print reports with IE, You must be disturbed by the margins of pagesetup dialog of IE. You will find that IE will change the margins frequently! You cannot control the margin of the report. RepExpert can set the margin as a fixed value!
Demo: How to print

Convert Report to excel file.

Repexpert Pro can convert oracle report output to ms-excel file! The conversion engine will keep update with rep2excel !

See the example below please:

Source   Output
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Unique Features:

Repexpert can adjust the report output. If you are using Internet Explorer, and the report output is not what you see in preview of report builder, please try the RepExpert.

  • RepExpert can erase blank area of each page.
  • RepExpert can display and print very wide report correctly.
  • RepExpert can output report to printer correctly even if you choose wrong paper size.
Repexpert can print the very large report even contiains 2 million pages.

You may generate a very large report file include over 200 pages like this report file. You can not print all pages by IE! The bottom of report looks like the figure below. This is a well known bug of IE.

RepExpert can display and print any specified page of large report.

You can also add pagestream=yes option to display huge report, but you will encounter trouble when printing the report.

RepExpert can hide the HTML source code of the report file. It can be configured to support secure printing. Click here for more information.
RepExpert can send your report through email.


Why RepExpert?

Which tool are using to print oracle report in HTMLCSS format? Let's compare.

Functions IE OraRRP RepExpert
Print directly without display
Display report
Call by URL
Page setup (margins/paper size/orientation) manually
Page setup (margins/paper size/orientation) automatically
Select printer automatically
Print huge report
Adjust the report output
Easy to use
  • Perhaps you are using ORARRP, the tools is designed for common requirement, sometimes you may find it can not work properly to meet your needs.
  • Perhaps you are using IE to print reports, you need to select printer, paper size, orientation etc, sometimes the output is not what you need because of wrong report design or IE's bug.

Download Trial Version

You can download and try a free trial version of RepExpert and test it before purchasing:

Download Trial Version of RepExpert Pro Now


Ordering Information

The free trial usage period of RepExpert is 30 days. If you would like to use this software after the 30 days evaluation period; a registration is required. You can order the fully licensed version of RepExpert over the Internet with any major credit card.

Please click here for more inforamtion.

Support and feedback

Feedback, questions and bug reports are welcome and should be sent to the customer support, at support@lv2000.com.

Download Send Personally Download a trial version of RepExpert 1.4.4:
Purchase Send Personally Purchase RepExpert online through a secure server with any major credit cards.
Product Home Page
User's Guide

History of RepExpert

We worked for one of the largest insurance companies in 2003. We developed the reports by Oracle Reports 6i. You know, Oracle Reports is a comprehensive reporting tool for enterprise wide reporting, information delivery, analysis and decision-making.

RepExpert 1.0.1

The company created many invoices for the customers every month. Some of the report contains over 300,000 pages.

First we tried to open the report output by IE, unfortunately the IE is not able to display more than 200 pages (A4 paper size).

To solve this problem, we developed the RepExpert 1.0.1, which can split the large report output into pages. So that the insurance company can print very huge report generated by Oracle Reports.

RepExpert 1.1.0

In addition to printing many pages one time, the company also have many one-page-reports. The client computer print these reports frequently. The user have to select printer, adjust the page setup time and time again.

We tried the OraRRP, unfortunately this tool output report to default printer/paper size only.

To solve the problem, the RepExpert 1.1.0 is created. This version is able to select the printer and paper size automatically.

RepExpert 1.2.0

We delivered RepExpert as shareware since 2004. We received many suggestions and bug reports from the users. Thanks all the users! We keep developing RepExpert till now.

Live Demo

1) How to print oracle report with repexpert ?

2) Repexpert launch automatically when open URL including keywords.

3) How to setup default printer and paper size

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