Install Rep2excel

Rep2excel provides 2 user interfaces

  1. Command line interface
  2. Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

According to usage of Rep2excel, there are 2 types of installation.

Install Rep2excel as common command line application


It is simple, do the following steps.

  1. Download Rep2excel installation pack (zip file)
  2. Unzip the installation pack to any folder you want
Now Rep2excel is installed, so easy! Next step, let's test Rep2excel in dos prompt
  1. Click Start menu, click Run, input cmd and then click OK, start the dos prompt.
    open command line window
  2. Change current directory to the rep2excel installation directory.
  3. Please use rep2excel --help to get the usage .

The output of Rep2excel looks like figure below, please see the command line usage.
 command line

For example, the file d:\working\rep\emp_list2.htm will be converted, see below

D:\working\Rep2excel111\Release>rep2excel -i:d:\working\rep\emp_list2.htm
Input file : d:\working\rep\emp_list2.htm
Output file: d:\working\rep\emp_list2.xls
Finish succefully!

Tips: We provide sample report output in the examples folder in the installation pack.

Install rep2excel inside web-server


1. Please make sure your web-server supports CGI, the Apache is recommended.

2. Download Rep2excel installation pack (zip file)

3. Unzip the installation pack to any folder you want.
There are a few files and folders that are extracted from installation pack (zip file).
You will see Rep2excel.exe and r2xls folder.

4. Copy files to web server directory.
1) Copy rep2excel.exe to the CGI directory.

If you are using IIS6.0 or higher version, you may need to create the CGI directory manually. see Create and Configure CGI folder for IIS 6.0 below.

   If other server, please refer to help of the server.

Note: If you are using Forms/Reports 9i (OracleAS 9i) or above, and SSO is enabled. You should please put the Rep2excel to cgi-bin folder on the server that Forms Server is installed.

Otherwise the Rep2excel may not be able to download the report output from the Oracle Reports Server.

2) Copy the r2xls folder to the root of the web server.

Tip: The r2xls folder contains CSS, JS, and Help documents.

5. Test the Rep2excel.

Use IE to test whether rep2excel works. Sample URL, you should changed the port and server address.
   If your server is OHS, the URL may be http://server_name:7777/cgi-bin/rep2excel.exe
   If your server is Apache 2, th URL may be http://server_name:80/cgi-bin/rep2excel.exe
   If your server is MS-IIS, the URL may be http://server_name:80/scripts/rep2excel.exe
A web page will appear if you open the URL above.

Add this page to favorites, it is not nessary, but recommended.

At the bottom of this page, you will see the links. If the links not exists, please make sure the r2xls folder is copied to the root of the web server

6. If you are using MS-IIS, you need to view this topic Configure Excel application to support Rep2excel.


Create and Configure CGI folder for IIS 6.0


Some high version of IIS (For example IIS6.0/7.0)will not create CGI folder when it is installed, so you should create it manually.

It is easy, just follow the wizard.

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. (Click Start -> All programs -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager )
  2. Right click the web site ( named Default Web Site under Web Sites by default) -> choose New -> choose Virtual Directory...
  3. The Virtual Directory Creatation Wizard dialog display, type Alias, for example scripts.
  4. Enter path to the directory, for example C:\Inetpub\scripts, you should create the folder manually.
  5. In the Access Permissions page, check the Execute (such as ISAPI applications or CGI).
  6. Click Finish.
  7. In IIS Manager, click the Web Service Extensions folder.
  8. In the details pane, select the All unknow CGI extensions, and then click Allow

To allow anonymous access, you should select the folder you want to change, open properities dialog, choose Directory Security tab, click Edit.. , check Enable anonymous access.

Configure CGI folder for IIS 8.0

Please see this document:

Deploy Win32-Rep2excel in Oracle Forms & Reports 11g.

1, Unzip, install Microsoft Office on the server.

2, Copy Rep2excel.exe to %ORACLE_INSTANCE%/config/OHS/ohs1/cgi-bin
For example:

3, Copy r2xls folder to htdocs, for example:

4, Open browser, point it to this link:
See whether the page is shown.

5, If you have OHS installed.
You will run Oracle Forms via this link:
The reports will be downloaded from this link:
And then Rep2excel.exe link:

6, Change your pl/sql code that download html report output.
WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT ('/reports/rwservlet/getjobid' || vjob_id ||'?server='||vc_reportserver, '_blank');
WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT ('/cgi-bin/rep2excel.exe?filepath=' || '/reports/rwservlet/getjobid' || vjob_id ||'?server='||vc_reportserver, '_blank');

Uninstall Rep2excel


Just remove all the files downloaded and the Rep2excel.exe and r2xls folder in the web server folder.