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RepExpert product licenses and prices

Free for trial

The free trial usage period of RepExpert is 30 days. If you would like to use this software after the 30 days evaluation period; a registration is required. You can order the fully licensed version of RepExpert over the Internet with any major credit card.

We provide 3 license types

  • machine-based license
  • site license
  • corporate license

Premium licenses for big companies

In addition to machine-based licenses we offer licenses with extended rights, such as redistributable license packs, site licenses, and corporate license.

Site License allows installation and execution of RepExpert on up to 100 machines within a single physical location (i.e. an office or data center location at a single physical address)

Corporate License allows installation and execution of RepExpert on any and all machines within license holder.

Purchase Site License and Corporate License


Product License Price Buy
RepExpert Pro Edition Corporate License e-mail us
RepExpert Pro Edition Site License $1590 Buy Now
How to place the order?
Please contact sales@lv2000.com for further information or any special needs.


Machine-based license

Note One registered copy of RepExpert may be INSTALLED and EXECUTED on a single workstation/server, regardless of the number of CPUs, and be used simultaneously by multiple client computer through HTTP link.

Purchase single license
  Product RepExpert Pro  
Buy from Share*it
    Pricing Buy Now
    USD 295 / 5 Licenses ( $59 each)
    USD 980 / 20 Licenses ( $49 each)
    Note: The quantity should be at least 5 units (licenses) .  

Support and feedback

Feedback, questions and bug reports are welcome and should be sent to the customer support, at support@lv2000.com.

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