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Rep2excel product family licenses and prices

Free for trial

The free trial usage period of Rep2excel is 60 days. If you would like to use this software after the 60 days evaluation period; a registration is required. You can order the fully licensed version of Rep2excel over the Internet with any major credit card.

Your software license is defined by the License Term and Type of License.

License Term

The license term determines how long the software can be used before it must be renewed. We offer two license terms:

  • Annual: Lion Soft's enterprise software/edition is sold with an annual license that includes free support/upgrade. 30-days prior to the end of each annual term, the Licensee must renew the annual-term of the license through the payment of the license fee to rightfully continue to use the software, otherwise the Licensee must stop using the software.
  • Perpetual: Some software/edition is sold with a perpetual license. This allows you to use the software for as long you continue to comply with the terms of the license agreement.
Types of Licenses

The type of license determines how the software can be used. We provide 3 license types

  • corporate license
  • OEM license
  • machine-based license

Premium licenses for big companies

In addition to machine-based licenses we offer licenses with extended rights, such as redistributable license packs, site licenses, and corporate license.

Corporate License: The corporate license is designed for common orgnizations. We distribute edition for server or client computer.

1) For server edition, for example Enterprise Edition, if in the maintenance period, the license holder is permitted to install our product on no more than 3 servers by default; if out of maintenance period, only one server by default.

2) For Personal Edition, the license holder is permitted to install our product on maxmium 60 PCs by default.

OEM License: For software vendors we offer OEM licenses that allow the integration of Rep2excel into an own application and the redistribution of this application including Rep2excel to customers.

Purchase Premium Licenses
Product License Type License Term Price Buy
Enterprise Edition
Rep2excel Server
Corporate License Perpetual $1850 Buy Now
Annual $500 Buy Now
OEM License Perpetual - e-mail us
OEM License Annual -
Rep2excel Personal Edition Corporate License Perpetual $1850 e-mail us
Annual $475 e-mail us
Java-Rep2excel Server for Windows Corporate License Perpetual $1950 Buy Now
Annual $600 Buy Now
Java-Rep2excel Server for Linux (x86/x86_64) Corporate License Perpetual $2100 Buy Now
Java-Rep2excel Server for Linux/Windows Corporate License Perpetual $2400 Buy Now
Java-Rep2excel Server for special Platform Corporate License Perpetual e-mail us e-mail us

How to place the order?

Please click buy now link and then place the order online. If buy now link is not found, please contact sales@lv2000.com for further information.


Machine-based license

In addition to premium licenses, we also offer machine-based license for small companies.

Note One registered copy of Rep2excel (server) may be INSTALLED and EXECUTED on a single workstation/server, regardless of the number of CPUs, and be used simultaneously by multiple client computer through HTTP link.

Purchase Rep2excel CGI Edition (Single Server License)
Edition Maximize Client Computer/User Term Price  
Workgroup Edition 6 Perpetual $329 USD Buy Now
Small Business Edition 12 Perpetual $409 USD Buy Now
Enterprise Edition 25 Annual $169 USD Buy Now
Perpetual $599 USD Buy Now
Enterprise Edition (Corporate License) 100/negotiation Details Perpetual $1850 USD Buy Now
Purchase Rep2excel Personal Edition
1)The personal edition supports command line interface only.
2)The personal edition should be running on the client computer only. If you want to install Rep2excel on the server, and call it by HOST, please choose Workgroup Edition etc.
Number of licenses Term Individual price  
  1 Perpetual $199 USD Buy 1 unit
  3-4 Perpetual $83 USD Buy Now
  5+ Perpetual $59 USD
  50+ Perpetual $35 USD Contact us
Purchase Rep2excel Server
Please choose one of the two resellers: RegNow & Share*it
  Number of client computers Term Individual price  
  5 - 9 Perpetual USD 55 Buy Now
  10 - 19 Perpetual USD 45
  21 + Perpetual USD 39
  100/negotiation Perpetual Contact Us


Feature Personal Edition Workgroup Edition Small Business Edition   Enterprise Edition
CGI Not support Support Support Support
Command line Support Support Support Support
Upload file Not support Not support Support (32M) Support (64M)
Specify output file path when call it by CGI Not support Not support Not support Support (Corporate License only)
Send email Not support Not support Not support Support
Run on server Not support Not support Support Support

Support & Updates

We provide one year free support and updates by default. Thereafter, you may renew Support/Update services for a Perennial License at your option, by paying the applicable Support/Update Fee. The annual Support/Update fee is less than 25% of then-current license fee for the Software.

FAQ:If my Maintenance expires can I still use the product?

A:Sure you can! Rep2excel licenses are perpetual and once you buy a license, you own it. You may use the product as long as you like. Nevertheless, after your Maintenance is expired, you won’t have access to any product updates, technical support and other benefits available only for the owners of valid Maintenance.

Purchase Yearly Maintenance
Product Price  
Rep2excel Enterprise Edition (Machine-base license) $129

Buy Now

Rep2excel Small Business Edition (Machine-base license) $129 Buy Now
Rep2excel Workgroup Edition (Machine-base license) $129 Buy Now
10 client computer license for Rep2excel Server (Machine-base license) $129 Buy Now
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Purchase Send Personally Purchase Rep2excel online through a secure server with any major credit cards.
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