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Command Line Send Email Component

Current version: 2.2

CmdEmail is command line e-mail component, it can be integrated into your application developed by Oracle Form Builder, VC, VB, Perl etc.

The CmdEmail is easy to use and manage; no special skills are required.

Download and integrate CmdEmail into your applications is very easy.


CmdEmail support command line interface, you call the program through command line. Supposed you have configed the program(setup e-mail account), you can send e-mail to somebody just use a dos command. e.g.


The email address (if exists) will receive a mail sent from you. Certainly the mail does not contains useful content you specified.

You need to specify the subject and mail body?
Okey, please create a message file and pass the file path to CmdEmail .

The messae file includes two parts, header and body.
Header : Specify the recipients, subject, location of attachment etc.
Body Text: The content of the email.

There is a empty line between header and body. The following is an example:
subject:hello scott

First line of the body.
Second line.

Save the text above to C:\temp_name.txt . Run CmdEmail again, e.g.

sendmail -m:c:\temp_name.txt

CmdEmail will read information from the message file, then send a mail to, copy to .


Installation and Setup


  • Download latest version from
  • Decompress installation pack to the folder where you want to install the application files.
    We suggest you to install CmdEmail to windows PATH so that it can be called from any current working directory.
  • Setup your default e-mail account settings.

How to setup e-mail account

Run this command line:

sendmail -setup

The CmdEmail Settings dialog will appear.Please input the information given to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or administrator.

Your Name: Friendly name of the addresser.
Your email address: The addresser of the mail.
Outgoing SMTP server: Please refer to your ISP or network administrator.
Port of SMTP server: Default 25
Read receipt requested: For MS outlook only.
User Name: User name used to login the smtp server.
Password: Password used to identify the user.

Note: Unless your ISP have indicated that your service uses Secure Password Authentication, do not select the "my outgoing server requires authentication" check box.


Test the email account setting

Please do some testing after setting email account.

Please use CmdEmail to send a mail manually.

CmdEmail will print error message if run into any error; the error will be saved into smerror.log


Using CmdEmail

First to do is install CmdEmail and setup the e-mail account; to test the settings, you should use send a mail manually. If the mail is received successfully, you are ready to modify your application to call CmdEmail; otherwise, please analysis the error message and solve the problem.

CmdEmail support command line interface, it can be integrated into your application developed by Oracle Form Builder, VC, VB, Perl etc.

We provide sample code writted in VC and Oracle Forms, please view the manual. The article below will be helpful for you if you are Oracle developer.

How to send email from Oracle Forms?


If you the mail is not sent to recipients, CmdEmail will log the error message to this file: smerror.log , please view the log file through notepad.exe .


Send short message with one single command line sample code:

sendmail.exe "-subject:I am leaving for Berlin" "-body:I will reach soon."

Send html format message with one single command line sample code:

sendmail.exe "-subject:I am leaving for Hongkong" -html "-body:I will reach soon."


Trial Version of CmdEmail Pro

You can download a free trial version (180 KB) of CmdEmail Pro and test it before purchasing:

Download Now


Ordering Information

The free trial usage period of CmdEmail is 14 days. If you would like to use this software after the 14 days evaluation period; a registration is required. You can order the fully licensed version of CmdEmail over the Internet with any major credit card.

We provide 3 license types, single license, site license and corporate license.

Purchase Site License and Corporate License

Site License allows installation and execution of CmdEmail on up to 50 machines within a single physical location (i.e. an office or data center location at a single physical address)

Corporate License allows installation and execution of CmdEmail on any and all machines within license holder.

We also provide 10-User-License for small company, please order this license from the Paypal service.

License Price Buy Now
Corporate License Plus SSL/TLS Module (Java Version) $700 Buy Now
Corporate License Plus SSL/TLS Module $499 Buy Now
Corporate License Plus ZIP Module $299 Buy Now
10-User-License for CmdEmail $119 Buy Now
Single-User-License for CmdEmail $49 Buy Now
Single-User-License for CmdEmail $49


Feedback, questions and bug reports are welcome and should be sent to the customer support, at

Download Send Personally Download a trial version of CmdEmail Pro(60 KB):
Purchase Send Personally Purchase CmdEmail online through a secure server with any major credit cards.
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