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Rep2excel Server

An easy, low cost way to output rich format excel report

Rep2excel server is a web server that contains built-in Rep2excel utility.
The Rep2excel is developed for Oracle Report; it can convert oracle report output to excel format. That means it can enhance your Oracle Reports Server to output rich format excel report.

Who need the Rep2excel Utility

Oracle Reports is a comprehensive reporting tool for enterprise wide reporting, information delivery, analysis and decision-making. But you will find it is difficult to output excel format report from oracle reports. We provide an utility to output oracle report in excel format. The utility is Rep2excel.

What is Rep2excel

Rep2excel is a win32 console application , It can convert .html file generated by oracle report server (6i or higher) to ms-excel format , you can access the output excel file via browser.

Rep2excel can convert report not only in HTML but also in HTMLCSS format to excel format.

See the example below please:

Source   Output
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What is Rep2excel Server

Rep2excel is a CGI application, it should be install in web server.

Rep2excel Server contains built-in web server, you do not need extra web server at all. One the other hand, you will keep away from configuring the web server.

Rep2excel Server = Web Server + Rep2excel Utility


The differences between Rep2excel and Rep2excel Server

  • Rep2excel is a CGI application, it should be deploied in a web server.
    Rep2excel server is web server that contains built-in Rep2excel utility.
  • Rep2excel supports command line interface, you can use it thru command line.
    Rep2excel server doesn't support command line, but the client site utility of
    Rep2excel server (Rep2excel Persional Edition) supports command line interface.
  • Rep2excel server is easy to use, easy to control, easy to extend.
    Rep2excel requires users advanced computer skills.

Rep2excel or Rep2excel Server, which one suit me better?

Rep2excel server is the better choice for most users, but if you are skilled in Rep2excel re-development and you have many end users, Rep2excel should be the better choice for you.

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Download Trial Version

You can download and try a free trial version of Rep2excel and test it before purchasing:

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Ordering Information

The free trial usage period of Rep2excel Server is 30 days. If you would like to use this software after the 30 days evaluation period; a registration is required. You can order the fully licensed version of Rep2excel Server over the Internet with any major credit card.

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Feedback, questions and bug reports are welcome and should be sent to the customer support, at support@lv2000.com.
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User's Guide
How to deploy command line client

Support Convert File On The Web
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Rep2excel Manager

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Client Setup
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Conversion Finished

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The Excel Output:


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