Comprehensive Agent-less Application Monitoring

The EasyHA monitors more than 10 item types.

  • Uptime/Downtime Monitoring.
  • Memory/CPU/Disk Free/IO/Process Monitoring.
  • Business Data Monitoring.
  • Log File Monitoring.
  • Customozed Monitoring.

Flexible Alerting

6 notification technologies: Send Email, HTTP request, Play alarm sound files, Client notification agent, Customized java Class, any external technology that can be triggered by an EXE or batch file.

  • Status alerts (up, down, warning).
  • Limit alerts (value above/below x).
  • Threshold alerts (above/below x for y minutes).
  • Multiple condition alerts (x and y are down).
  • Escalation alerts (extra notifications every x min during downtime)
  • Alert Scheduling (no low priority alerts at night)
  • Merge alert actions (avoid alarm floods)
  • TODO: Acknowledge Alarms (no more notifications for this alarm)

Data Publishing & In-Depth Reporting

EasyHA provides real time dashboards with live performance and status information. It also provide many reports in HTML format.

  • Detailed graphs and data tables for one. The application oriented reports for multi-items is in development.
  • Historic monitoring data can be exported as HTML. We will support Excel, XML, CSV later

Quick Installation/Configuration and Easy to Use

Installs in 3 minutes

  • Free download, about 50 MB.
  • Installs in 3 minutes.
  • Web-based GUI frontend.
  • Agent-less, many templates provided, easy to configure

We have a lot of License option for all your need

  • Annual License - $500


    Number of core server installations: 1.

  • Perpetual License (Maintenance excluded)- $2000


    Number of core server installations: 1.

  • Perpetual License (Maintenance Included)- $5000


    Number of core server installations: 1.

  • Maintenance Plan- $300



Please contact for more information.

Try EasyHA online easily

  • We have deploied an EasyHA on our Linux server. You can login and try to create items and view the reports.

    Note: Don't change the password of root.


    User ID: root

    Password: 1234

Install EasyHA App

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