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j-Rep2excel * The Faster Rep2excel

An easy, low cost way to output rich format excel report

The Rep2excel is developed for Oracle Report; it can convert oracle report output to excel format. In other words it can enhance your Oracle Reports Server to generate output with rich formatting from paper layout reports to Excel format

Who need the Rep2excel/j-Rep2excel

Oracle Reports is a comprehensive reporting tool for enterprise wide reporting, information delivery, analysis and decision-making. But you will find it is difficult to generate spreadsheet output from oracle reports. We introduce an easy, low cost way to output rich format excel report.

What is Rep2excel software

Rep2excel can convert .html file generated by oracle report server (6i, 9i, 10g and 11g etc.) to ms-excel format, you can access the output excel file via browser.

We provide 2 types of Rep2excel.

  • Win32 console application. This edition supports Windows only.
  • Java-based web server with Rep2excel Application embeded. We call it j-Rep2excel.

We describe j-Rep2excel in this page. To learn more on Rep2excel Win32, please see Rep2excel.

j-Rep2excel * The faster Rep2excel

The j-Rep2excel is significantly faster (sometimes as much as 25-30 times faster) than the Rep2excel developed by VC. Because the j-Rep2excel call the Apache POI to get excel output. And the Rep2excel developed by VC call Office runtime. So you don't need to install Office on the server.

Using the Rep2excel/j-Rep2excel, You can

  • Generate report output to spreadsheet format from existing paper layout reports.
  • Preserve the rich layout formatting such as colors, fonts, conditional formatting, graphs, and images.


report to excel sample

Why j-Rep2excel, not other way to get excel report output.

  1. Rich format excel report. What you see in html what you get in excel!
  2. Low cost.Rep2excel enhance your report server to output excel. protect your IT investment.
  3. High performance.

We recommend another light weight solution to get excel report, please see Java Excel Report Server.

How it works

  • You can install the application inside Apache server as CGI application. You can using 'web.show_document' built-in to invoke the application to convert the oracle report to excel thru web-browser .[See Live Demo]

    Please click here to download an sample code demonstrates how to call rep2excel from oracle forms.

    Quick start (More information at the online User's Guide )

    1. Install j-Rep2excel server .
    2. Generate a report file in html or htmlcss format by oracle report server and save to c:\example\ ,the file name is report.htm
    3. Open IE, call the application follow the URL
      http://your_server_name:8003/rep2excel.exe?baseidr=c:\example\&filename=report.htm .
    4. Now , What you need is inside web-browser !

    Try j-Rep2excel without download and installation

    You can also try the online server, .

    javaThe j-Rep2excel is completely written in Java. It runs on every platform (OS) that supports Java 5 or higher (e.g. Windows, Unix, Solaris, OSX 10.4+, AIX). A GUI is not required for the server.


    Try j-Rep2excel on Windows

    1. Download self-extractive file of j-Rep2excel, click Here to download.
    2. Run the self-extractive file, extract the installation pack to a folder.
    3. Double click startup.bat, start the server.
    4. Open IE browser, visit http://localhost:8003/.
    5. Convert the sample reports, get rich-formated excel output.

    Live DemoLive demo of step 2-4 is available, please click here and see.

    Note: If you want to uninstall, just remove the folder created at step 2.

    Download Trial Version

    downloadYou can download and try a free trial version of Rep2excel and test it before purchasing:

    Note: Limitation of the free trial version.

    1. No more than 2000 rows are exported.
    2. Expires 2 months later
    Download Platform How to install
    j-Rep2excel (with Java 8 for Windows) (Recommended) Windows (If the trial version doesn't work on legacy Windows, please contact support@lv2000.com to get special version)
    1. Download installation pack of j-Rep2excel.
    2. Install j-Rep2excel for Win32 .
    3. Run java-app-wrapper.exe.
    4. Visit http://localhost:8003/
    5. Enjoy!
    j-Rep2excel for Linux(x86) Linux (x86)
    1. download the j-Rep2excel with JRE.
    2. upload the file to your Linux server.
    3. run tar xvfz j-rep2excel.tar.gz
    4. run cd j-rep2excel
    5. run ./rep2excel, learn usage.
    6. run ./rep2excel -s, start the server.
    7. Visit http://localhost:8003/
    8. Enjoy!



    1) x86 and x64 which one should I download? Please run the following command:

    getconf ULONG_MAX | grep "18446744073709551615" > /dev/null && echo "x64" || echo "x86"

    Check step by step guide in PDF format

    j-Rep2excel for Linux(x86_64) Linux (x86_64)
    Please contact support@lv2000.com if you need the free trial version for Solarix/AIX etc. All OS

    Please see the online HELP document.

    Ordering Information

    orderThe free trial usage period of Rep2excel is 60 days. If you would like to use this software after the 60 days evaluation period; a registration is required. You can order the fully licensed version of Rep2excel over the Internet with any major credit card.

    Please click here for more inforamtion.


  • Feedback, questions and bug reports are welcome and should be sent to the customer support, at support@lv2000.com.
    Download Send Personally Download a trial version of Rep2excel:
    Purchase Send Personally Purchase Rep2excel online through a secure server with any major credit cards.
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